Event speakers

Andreas Trondsen
Norwegian Industrial Property Office

Asfand-yar Thathal
Norwegian Industrial Property Office

Bernt Boldvik
Norwegian Industrial Property Office

Aneta Szczepankiewicz

Katarina Kletecka

Inge Buffolo

Jocelyne Honnorez

Lorenzino Vaccari

General Information

This online session is organized by the EUIPO in collaboration with the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO). Experts will deliver presentations about relevant initiatives aimed at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs) and start-ups. The online session is free of charge, attendees do need to register below.


Moderator: Mr Andreas Trondsen

9:00-9:15Welcome and Introduction by Bernt Boldvik, Director of the Design and Trademark Department of the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) and from Inge Buffolo, Director, Customer Department, EUIPO
9:15-9:45SMEs in Norway, general IP strategy, commercial goals and the use of IP - Speakers: Andreas Trondsen and Asfand-yar Thathal, Norwegian Industrial Property Office
Q & A
9:45-10:15Free personalised Intellectual Property support - Speaker: Jocelyne Honnorez, EUIPO
Q & A
10:15-10:35Connect between trademarks and domains - Speakers: Aneta Szczepankiewicz and Katarina Kletecka, EURid
Q & A
10:35-11:05Easy Filing - Speaker: Lorenzino Vaccari, EUIPO
Q & A
11:05-11:30Useful resources such as the Application Guide for Norwegian trademark applications,, the NIPO customer centre - Speakers: Andreas Trondsen and Asfand-yar Thathal, Norwegian Industrial Property Office
Q & A
11:30Conclusions and closure

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